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Author's comment:
Gillia, 2014 Jun 25 05:43 am [↻]

Ooops, I should've updated yesterday

Advertisement, 2018 May 25 05:25 pm [↻]

User Comments:
Nalytia (Guest), 2014 Jun 25 07:04 pm [↻]

Heh, sorry, too lazy to log in Haha. But Loooooool looks like you won't be super lonely anymore with a baby dino to look after together since it's identified you both as its parentssss êuê

Gillia, 2014 Jun 26 10:53 am [↻]

@Nalytia: Haha yes, sometimes love just unexpectedly comes out of nowhere. And sometimes an ancient fossil that came alive due to some cosmic radiation of unknown nature needs to open your eyes to see it. #justsupersecretagentthings

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